Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Turkey Time...

Oh my goodness, I found this video too...Just for fun, following directions, getting wiggles out before a lesson...So funny to watch students flap their arms like a turkey and say "Gobble!"  It made my Monday!

This is from HarryKindergarten on youtube...LOVE all his videos!
Something to make the kids smile!


Ok, so I was going through youtube looking for a video to share with my kids on opposites and I came across this...although very cheesy at first- the tune got in my head and I thought I would try it out with my kids.  Result? They LOVED it.  They were singing, dancing, and laughing...AND LEARNING!  What more can you ask for?

Then, we made an opposite book.  Students draw a picture of the opposite pairs and write the opposites.  Students read their books to their friends and it went in their reading bags to take home.  

Anyone have any good ideas to practice opposites?

Sight word- THEY

It's THE with a Y
It's THE with a Y
It's THE with a Y