Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dry Erase Markers On Desks?

I LOVE using dry erase markers with my class, but I always disliked the transition time it took to pass out individual whiteboards to students for a quick activity.  So in our class, we use dry erase markers to write on our desks! (You should see the kid's faces the first time I ask them to do this...priceless!)

Playing a sight word game...this student was giving herself check marks if she got the word right!

We do this as a part of our calendar time routine.  We write letters, sight words, sentences, numbers, name it!  

We play-  "What's That Sound?"  
A student calls out letter sound and the class writes the letter that makes that sound. (Covering their letter with their hand, it's very secretive!)  I walk around to check for understanding (they show me a quick peek at their letter, giggling like it's a big secret) and then I ask, "What's that sound?"  They say- "It's X!" (or whatever the letter may be...)  We play this game with sight words, calling out 3 letters to blend sounds to make a word, numbers, adding, shapes, name writing, etc.

It's such a great way to check for understanding in a short period of time and the kids get a kick out of it.  The students erase with a "clean sock" eraser that they keep in their pencil boxes and whatever does not come off 100%, we get at the end of the day when we wipe down the tables.

Go ahead!  Try it! Happy desk writing!


  1. I also do it as a quick record of what I observe on a skill... much quicker than finding names on paper. I just write on my table! (I have also used it to minute by minute document extreme mis-behavior)

  2. Great idea! I'm going to start this asap!