Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sight Word Fun with PRONOUNS???

This week our sight words were HE and SHE and we were talking about the letter P so...Why not introduce students to PRONOUNS?  Yes, I know it's reaching a bit, but my philosophy is- expose them to the higher level stuff so when they hear it again they have some sort of clue what it might be about.  They might say, "I've heard that somewhere before..."  Anyway, that's my hope.  At the very least, they practice the sight words for the week and are able to recognize them... I feel like it's OK to do the "hard stuff" if it's delivered in a "fun, kindergarten way."

Well, we started with this song from youtube called Kid Dance. Kid Dance Song by HarryKindergarten  (love all his videos, check em out!)

We decided to change the word "boy" to "he" and the word "girl" to "she."  So it sang, "If you're a he, a he, if you're a he, clap your hands..."  I would call out an action for the "he and she" to do...  Hey, those are pronouns.  Everyone said, "What are pronouns????"

I asked students to put up their muscles and say "PROOOO- NOUNS." Then we whispered, "It's a secret way to say someone's name."  I would call one student up to the front of the room and say- I want to use a secret way to say Zack's name in this sentence.  "Zack is jumping."  (Zack is jumping like crazy as we are talking!)  "What word would I use instead of Zack?"  Yep!  "HE is jumping."  This continued using he and she for student's names.  We did this perfect pronoun book working on the sight words and pronouns- HE and SHE, writing classmates names, and the ending "ing."  One page was a "she" page and the other was a "he" page, students wrote- I see Billy.  He is running.  Then, they drew a picture of Billy running.

Download Free Perfect Pronouns Book- Sight Words He and She


  1. Love this! Great way to make pronouns a fun thing to learn :) what kindergartener doesn't want to be let in on a secret?? I do afterschool teaching and my kinders are with the 1st graders for one of the rotations so I suspect this may very well work as a perfect middle ground :D

  2. Great idea! I teach ESL and the children would think that this was fun!