Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guided Math Groups- Pumpkin Cards To Practice Number Recognition- "Smashing Pumpkins" Game!

When pulling guided math groups this week, I really tried to hit the students that were still having trouble with some of the teen numbers (only a select few.)  I made these pumpkin math cards and printed two sets-  Then I pulled two students at a time to play "Smashing Pumpkins!"  (It's amazing how excited students get when you name an ordinary game something special...that always cracks me up!)
I laid the number cards out face up and called out the numbers for the students to smash (hit with their hand.)  Since there were two sets, each child could find a number pumpkin to smash.  We took turns calling out numbers and smashing pumpkins- giggling and laughing all the while.  

Then, I called out the numbers for the students to collect in their hands starting with 11 asking, "What number comes next?"  When they got to 20 we mixed up the pumpkin cards and I asked them put them in number order.

I had one child close their eyes and I removed a pumpkin card from their number line.  "What's missing?"  After they got the hang of this, I let them partner up with each other and play together.  They were begging to play this game again the next day!  I say, "Smash on, smart pumpkins!"


  1. Love it! I will have to try it this week with my firsties that don't know them yet!

  2. Thanks! This will be a great game to play during an intervention group!

    ~ Amy