Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Storyboard

More spider fun...October would not be complete without The Itsy Bitsy Spider!  We read the nursery rhyme every morning as a part of our calendar time.  I used a video clip from youtube of the animated nursery rhyme/song.(which fit nicely into the calendar notebook/mimio calendar file for the month) I wrote the words to the nursery rhyme under the video clip so students could see both.  Each day we would talk about something finding sight words(we were working on the sight word and), looking for words that start with s, rhyming words, tracking print as we sang the song together, etc.  

By Wednesday, students were reading the rhyme on their own and acting out the story.  On Friday, we made this cute storyboard using a straw for the waterspout and a plastic spider ring as our main character.  We colored the sight words and and the with yellow.  As we read the story, I asked what the storyboard was missing.  Students told me that we needed to add the rain and sun. (adding details, making sure that pictures match your words when writing/reading)
We then practiced reading to our friends- retelling the story.  
Kindergartners are so stinkin' cute when they tell stories! 

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